Data acquisition at the point of care

ilviCLINIC receives measured data from medical devices automatically and allows manual entry of any alphanumeric data. Likewise, wound documentation can be performed securely.

Highest data security

To use ilviCLINIC, users must authenticate themselves and identify patients in order to record data. These are deleted from the mobile device after the encrypted data transfer.

Immediate data availability

With just one click, the data of the previously identified patients lands securely in the right place of the desired target system. There, they are immediately available to the clinical staff.

One device for everything

As an open platform, ilviCLINIC allows the integration of applications from other manufacturers and thus expands the range of applications for hospital staff.

Benefit from ilviCLINIC

Facilitate your intraclinical processes through the simple application.

No matter where and when you want to capture data, ilviCLINIC as your mobile companion supports you in digitising and securely storing the captured values. In a matter of seconds, the data is available in the target system at the desired location.

The All-in-One Tool for Everyday Care

Mobile Care Assistant + ilviCLINIC

(In partnership with K-Businesscom)

The all-in-one solution enables efficient measurement of vital signs, safe delivery of medication and optimal documentation.

Digital. Mobile. Secure.

Together with the digital ward round trolley and ilviCLINIC on the way to digital transformation.

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