ilviCLINIC - optimierte Datenerfassung

Health documentation at the point of care   


Use Cases ilviCLINIC     Vorteile ilviCLINIC

ilviCLINIC - effiziente Vitaldatenerfassung

ilviCLINIC - optimised data acquisition

Health documentation at the point of care


Use Cases of ilviCLINIC     Advantages of ilviCLINIC

ilviCLINIC - Vital data acquisition at the point of care
Vitaldatenerfassung am Point of Care

Data acquisition at the point-of-care

ilviCLINIC automates the receipt of measured vital data from medical devices and enables the manual collection of alphanumeric data. In addition, the software ensures secure wound documentation.


Highest data security

To use ilviCLINIC, users must authenticate themselves and identify patients to record data. The data transfer is encrypted, and the captured data is automatically deleted from the mobile device.    

Immediate data availability

Immediate data availability

ilviCLINIC enables the secure and efficient transfer of patient data with just one click. After patient identification, the captured data land securely in the right place in the target system and is immediately available to clinical staff. 

smart health solution

One device for everything

As an open platform, ilviCLINIC allows the integration of applications from other manufacturers, thus expanding the range of applications for hospital staff.

Profit from ilviCLINIC

ilviCLINIC increases efficiency and reduces costs

Our mobile application facilitates your intra-hospital processes and supports you in digitisation and data capture. With ilviCLINIC, you can capture and securely store data anytime and anywhere. Within seconds, the captured values are available in the target system. Benefit from our innovative solution for efficient and secure data processing in healthcare.

ilviCLINIC Verwendung


Calculate how much time you save your healthcare facility by using the ilviCLINIC solution:

Anzahl der Betten: 200

Anzahl erfasster Parameter pro Tag und Patient: 10

Sekunden die benötigt werden um einen Parameter manuell im KIS einzutragen: 60

2000 Minuten

Zeitersparnis pro Tag

1000 Stunden

Zeitersparnis pro Monat

506 Tage

Zeitersparnis pro Jahr

 Your advantages from ilviCLINIC

ilviCLINIC - Use Cases


Vital data acquisition

Vital data such as SpO2, temperature, blood pressure and much more are recorded directly at the point of care and sent to the desired target system (HIS, nursing documentation, etc.) with just one click. This makes the data immediately available to the medical staff and visible in the fever chart.


Wound documentation

ilviCLINIC enables the documentation of wounds. The localisation of the wound can be selected, and several wound images can be recorded. These can be supplemented with additional text and assigned to the respective patient in the target system. Existing wound documentation solutions can also be integrated into ilviCLINIC.


Fall documentation

The module "Fall Doc" allows the capture of several fall images, which are provided with a time stamp. The fall images are then assigned to the supported patient and saved in the target system.


Food management

The module "food management" allows one to keep track of the patient's food intake. It is possible to select how much food the patient has eaten.

Service Desk

Service Desk for general inquiries

The Service Desk is used to process general enquiries such as repairs. The medical staff can select the affected area and attach photos if necessary. The service desk request is then forwarded to the person in charge and handled according to the priority rating.

Service Portal

Forms and questionnaires

ilviCLINIC makes it possible to integrate forms and questionnaires into the solution. The content can be individually adapted to the needs of the customer.


Prescription note management 

ilviCLINIC enables medical staff in nursing homes, mobile care services and social institutions to order medical accessories directly at the point of care and to save time when documenting digital wound images and creating and processing prescription notes. -see EkroCare


ilviCLINIC - interne Kommunikation

Communication and notifications​

Existing tools for internal communication can be integrated into ilviCLINIC and individual solutions can be implemented for the respective facility. Telemedical care for patients at home and residents in care facilities is also possible.


Etikettenausdruck Papier-Fieberkurve

Label printout for paper fever curve​

As a hybrid solution, ilviCLINIC also makes it possible to send digitally recorded values to printing stations and, for example, to affix them to a paper fever curve. In this way, increasing the documentation quality of less digitised facilities is also possible.



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