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Vitalwerterfassung ilviSELFSERVICE

Vital sign recording

With ilviSELFSERVICE, patients or residents of healthcare facilities can independently record vital signs and health data such as blood pressure or weight at the self-service station. The recorded values are then transferred directly to the target system.

Self Check-In

Self Check-In

Self Check-In allows residents and patients to independently record their presence and absence from the facility and inform the medical staff in charge. This provides an efficient way to track attendance status and to keep the staff informed.

Formulare digital ausfüllen

Forms and questionnaires

ilviSELFSERVICE gives patients and residents access to various forms and questionnaires. These can be conveniently filled in at the SELFSERVICE station and sent off directly. The data is immediately available in the target system and can be evaluated immediately.

digitale Signatur

Document signature

The application also offers the possibility to capture documents, view them and have them digitally signed by the persons at the SELFSERVICE station. This eliminates the need for printouts and makes document management more efficient.

Profit from ilviSELFSERVICE

ilviSELFSERVICE promotes independence and relieves the burden on carers

Discover ilviSELFSERVICE - The platform supports residents and patients in promoting their independence and efficiently relieves the nursing staff. By independently recording vital signs, self-check-in or digital document management, processes in your medical facility are optimised. Recorded data and status messages are automatically transferred to the selected target system. This relieves nursing staff of tasks that were previously performed by them and enables patients to participate in their own care actively.

Experience an innovative solution for an improved patient experience with ilviSELFSERVICE.

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