ilviBRIDGE - Wireless data transmission

Connection of medical devices to the medical network

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ilviBRIDGE-kabellose Datenübertragung
Drahtlose Datenübertragung

Wireless data transmission

With ilviBRIDGE, we offer you a plug-in hardware product group that allows you to integrate medical devices into your medical network seamlessly. Through wireless data transmission, important information is transmitted efficiently and reliably.

kabellose Datenübertragung

Data exchange of non-network-capable Spot Check monitors

ilviBRIDGE enables data exchange between non-network capable medical devices and ilviCLINIC in order to transfer measured data automatically to the target system.

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schnelle Datenübertragung

Pacemaker programmers

Reports from the programmers are transmitted independently of the IT infrastructure via secure Wifi from the sender to the receiver so that the data can be further processed. The data exchange here is done securely according to the latest healthcare standards.

sichere Patientenidentifikation

Secure patient identification on electrocardiogram devices

ilviBRIDGE act as a keyboard emulator that receives patient information from ilviCLINIC and thus reliably identifies the patient without manual input on the ECG device.

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Wireless data transmission with ilviBRIDGE

With ilviBRIDGE, medical devices such as pacemakers can be wirelessly connected to a target system. This allows various data, including PDF ranges, to be transferred automatically. The data lands securely on the desired drive and is deleted from the transmitter (pacemaker) as soon as it is transferred to the drive.


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