ilviCONNECT - The communication gateway

Backend solution for interdisciplinary data exchange



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Unified management

Efficient management of all ilvi clients and users on one user-friendly interface. With ilviCONNECT, data exchange takes place via a central channel.

Interoperable solution

Our powerful platform enables fast and smooth integration into the existing IT infrastructure of your healthcare provider. This allows you to manage your information in a holistic and well-structured way.

Zukunftssicheres Kommunikationsgateway

Future-proof backend

HL7 FHIR is used as a uniform data model. All data is transmitted encrypted using the latest methods.

Low IT workload

All processes are bundled and easily maintained via the ilviCONNECT backend. The platform can be set up in just a few days.

Benefit from ilviCONNECT

The communication gateway

The "ilvi" solutions are completely compatible. The central element here is the ilviCONNECT backend, which regulates the exchange of data between the ilvi clients and the target system (e.g. hospital information system).

Facilitate your data communication and storage and optimise your processes.

ilviCONNECT - das Kommunikationsgateway

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