ilviHOME - selbstbestimmt Leben

Durchgängige Versorgung im häuslichen Umfeld

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ilviHOME - self-determined living​

Continuous care in the home environment

Advantages of ilviHOME 


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individuelle Konfigurierbarkeit

Individual configurability

ilviHOME can be adapted to the client's needs and the patient's treatment plan. Third-party applications such as medication plans and physiotherapy videos can be integrated into the open platform to ensure holistic healthcare in the home environment.

frühzeitige Trenderkennung

Early trend detection

By continuously recording valuable diagnostic data, medical staff can react quickly to patient health changes and adjust the treatment plan if necessary.


Increasing the quality of life

ilviHOME improves the quality of life by ensuring continuous care for patients in their home environment. From recording vital data to features promoting mobility, ilvi enables patients to lead a self-determined life in their familiar surroundings.

Optimale Usability

Usability is the key

The simple and clear user interface allows the application for people of all ages. The intuitive tiling system supports the user in correct data entry and operation.

Background to the solution

Demographic change and age-related diseases pose new challenges to healthcare. ilviHOME offers a holistic solution for patients after an inpatient stay in a healthcare facility. Our goal is to preserve patients' autonomy and quality of life and reduce the number of inpatient admissions after a stay in a hospital. ​

Profit from ilviHOME

Continuous care in the home environment

With ilviHOME, patients can lead a self-determined life through cross-sectoral care in their home environment. For this purpose, they are equipped with the ilviHOME solution after a stay in the hospital, for example, and can thus receive digital care. Whether it is monitoring vital parameters, conducting virtual practice hours or accessing physiotherapy videos - ilviHOME offers a comprehensive solution for the care of patients at home.

ilviHOME - selbstbestimmtes Leben im häuslichen Umfeld

Selbstbestimmtes Leben im häuslichen Umfeld

Seamless collection and transmission of health data

By directly transmitting measured (health) data to the medical staff in charge, possible health problems can be detected at an early stage, and appropriate measures can be taken. This eliminates the need for regular doctor visits, or inpatient stays just to monitor health parameters. This saves time, costs and resources in the healthcare system. With ilviHOME, patients can keep an active eye on their health while living a self-determined life in their familiar surroundings.​

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