Worklist-Management für PC-basierte Gesundheitsanwendungen




Worklist management for PC-based health applications



Worklist management

Via ilviAGENT, users can select patients from a worklist and decide to which third-party applications the patient data should be transferred. The worklist provides an overview of activities to be completed, active and completed activities.

Third party call

Patient data is saved in the appropriate file format ( GDT, XML, etc.) at the destination of the desired third-party application and the application is opened.


The ilviCONNECT backend can be used to customise and parameterise the individual ilviAGENTS. This includes display filters, connected third-party applications, etc.

Central management

By integrating the third-party application into the ilvi system landscape, users can uniformly transfer patient data and thus increase data security and documentation quality.

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Benefit from ilviAGENT

Seamless data management between health applications

Select a patient and open them directly in the desired health application. ilviAGENT takes over the patient data, automates reports and sends them to the desired target system. Save valuable time and ensure that all information is correctly assigned with ilviAGENT.


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