Data transfer

During data transfer, received documents are merged into a PDF report and stored securely in the desired target system ( shared directory, HIS, GE MUSE) with the desired file name.

Unified management

Documents can be received automatically from ilviBRIDGE or uploaded manually and viewed via a PDF viewer.

Simple document management

With , received documents can be sorted, supplemented, cleansed of unnecessary information and supplemented with notes.

Patient identification

Using a variety of options ( encrypted QR codes, HL7 query, manual entry, etc.), the patient can be identified and the received documents assigned accordingly.

Universal Communication Interface

The innovative UCI-MSD series is used for wireless and automated data transfer from all devices that allow files to be stored via USB. Cumbersome saving of reports on USB sticks and inconvenient cable connections are no longer necessary.

The receiver emulates a USB mass storage medium (USB stick) on the PC laptop.

Simulated operation of several transmitters (up to 255) with one receiver is possible.

ilviSMART - data software

With the help of the ilviSMART data software, you have a simple and quick overview of the data received from the UCI-MSD module. Manage the documents and save them to the corresponding patients.

Benefit from ilviSMART

Overcome clinical IT barriers with ilviSMART. Receive and transmit data automatically and wirelessly to the desired target system.

The innovative ilviSMART solution consists of a hardware module, the Universal Communication Interface, and associated software for data management.

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